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We have a large stock of chairs from all decades either fully restored or ready for you to choose your fabric and finish.

The ancient Egyptians are believed to be the first to invent a four-legged seat with a back, better known to most as a chair. The earliest examples have been found in tombs dating as far back as 2680 B.C. The first chairs were low to the ground, ornately carved, and reserved for royalty and members of the priesthood.  

Display Rooms are taking shape

We are trying to set up some bespoke displays which show our pieces working together in harmony,,,what do you think?  You can arrange to view these through a virtual tour using FaceTime of WhatsApp.

VE Day

Victory in Europe Day is the day celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germanys unconditional surrender of its armed forces on Tuesday, 8th May 1945, marking the end of World War II in Europe. To commemorate we set up a display in our forecourt.

Coming soon

We are currently organising our warehouse and getting all out items ready to be sold. Each day we will be adding new stock to the website so make sure you check out our current items