Out & About


Dramatic skies today while taking a break from getting the studio ready!

We took a break from cleaning and polishing and took a trip down to Rye Harbour on the Vespa. Lovely day with very dramatic skies. Visited the bird sanctuary and checked out the new visitor centre. When we hit the coastline, we had an eerie view of Dungeness Power Station.

Mid Century

Selecting the right pieces can be time consuming, we take all that hassle away as we are constantly adding to our mid century collection and can source exact pieces from our dealer network to save you time.  In the past few weeks we picked up some really lovely pieces and have been getting them ready for sale on line.

Creating the look

At Objectfiy we try and select pieces which compliment each other. In the Chinese we have a range of pieces which are ready to be restored to your exact taste.  We recently added to the collection some amazing pictures and lights.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Round ones, long ones, fat ones, we've got them all.  Mirror reflects the existing light, adding more light to a space. Mirrors also reflect the room opposite the mirror. If a mirror faces an open space, it will help to make the room appear more open and, therefore, larger.